The user has the right to withdraw from the contract without stating reasons, by communicating  within 2 (two) days of receipt of the products purchased the desire to exercise the right of withdrawal to our email: shoponline@minimarketstore.com
In the email the user will have to specify the order number, name and surname disclosed for the purchase and the codes present in the invoice for the items intended to return.
The user therefore undertakes to return (shipping costs shall be borne by the buyer), no later than 5 working days after receipt thereof, the items in the email exactly as follows:
1) The items must be inclusive of all labels, packaging and accessories received together with the order. All footwear and accessories must be returned along with their original box, which is considered to be an integral part of the product itself and that should not have been damaged in any way and/or altered, nor used as outer packaging (it has to have a secondary packaging). The products should not have been worn, used, washed or damaged.
The user must send to NTTL the products in a single shipment. NTTL, in fact, reserves the right not to accept garments of the same order, shipped at different times.
The shipment will have to be delivered at the headquarters of N.T.T.L. SRL Via Raibano Cell, 12-47843-Misano Adriatico (RN)-Italy.
N.T.T.L. SRL will refund the amount corresponding to items returned (postage not included) via bank transfer or PayPal, only after checking received garments conditions. The user is requested to report all data necessary in order to receive a refund in the email.
N.T.T.L. SRL reserves the right to refuse returned goods not previously authorized, items that do not comply with the prescribed terms and conditions, and shipping receipts over the established timeframe.
MINIMARKETSTORE.COM reserves the right to determine a charge to the purchaser equal to 10% of the value of goods returned in case the return is not complying with all the terms and conditions set out in our returns policy.
The products purchased on sale CANNOT be exchanged.
The user shall request authorization by sending an email  with the subject 'RETURN MERCHANDISE' to : shoponline@minimarketstore.com no later than 3 (three) working days from the receipt of the items purchased.
in the mail the user must specify the following information: their order number, name and surname indicated in the purchase and the codes present in the invoice for the items intended to change.
Purchased products can be exchanged provided that all conditions set in case of withdrawal (as in RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL*) are observed and respected
Once MINIMARKETSTORE.COM has received the confirm of the authorization, the customer can proceed with the compilation of the GOODS RETURN VOUCHER, supplied with the costumers purchase, bearing in mind the following:
A) If a request has been made by the client of a wrong item/size and/or if for various reasons the article does not satisfy the customer and they wish to change it for a different product, the unwanted item must be sent (shipping costs shall be borne by the buyer) to :
not later than 5 (five) days after the authorization receipt by e-mail
B) in case the customer receives a defective item or incompatible with their order, once we receive confirm of the authorization, we please the costumer to prepare the item/items in one bag/container suitable for shipping and N.T.T.L. SRL will provide at its own expense for the goods collection  (at the same address used when ordering) and their replacement with a new shipment.
If the item received is faulty and no longer available at our warehouses, N.T.T.L. SRL will refund relating costs incurred by the customer for the purchase of the item (item value + shipping charges).
In either case, please note that:
 within return goods, the customer must return the GOODS RETURN VOUCHER  filled in every part. Shipping costs (€ 10) for the new articles exchange (whose fallacy  is not ascribable to N.T.T.L. SRL) will be totally borne by the customer and any price disparity will have to be paid with cash at delivery.
NTTL, after receiving at the address NTTL N.T.T.L. SRL-VIA RAIBANO CELL 12-47843 MISANO ADRIATICO (RN) the products that the costumer wishes to change and after checking that all the above requirements have been fulfilled (see point 1), will check the actual availability at the stores in size and color required.
If selected items are not longer available, NTTL will communicate the hindrance to the customer by email as soon as possible, allowing the buyer to choose another product.
Only in case the buyer has requested to change a flawed garment and this is no longer available at our warehouses, NTTL will make a full refund of the amount paid at the time of purchase.
If the selected item appears to be available NTTL will be able to accept the exchange request and from the date of the receipt of the garment to change, it will proceed to carry out the new shipment as soon as possible.
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